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Maria Tsai is an oil painter from Clifton Park and a member of professional art organizations. Maria's paintings are well received in various galleries in the Capital Region. She is often praised for her grasp of picture composition and her particular delivering of lighting to the subjects.

Maria grew up in Shanghai in a family with artistic tradition, both her grandfather and father were an accomplished photographer. However, growing up in the repressive era of the “Cultural revolution” in China, artistic inclinations were frowned upon as being narcissistic. Fortunately for Maria, she emigrated to Canada at the tender age of 22 when her husband came over for his PhD. in chemistry. But family life ensured that she remained blissfully unaware of her own artistic talents. What painting meant to her caught her completely unawares as she went to a sip-and-paint session. A simple ladies’ night out turned into an explosive discovery as she realized how much she loved painting. The rest of the evening, she experienced flow for the first time in her life as she remained blissfully oblivious to her friends and her surroundings. Maria had heard anecdotes about chess masters, mathematicians, surgeons being so involved in flow that the roof could have fallen around them and they had stayed oblivious and focused on their activity and she had always scoffed at that thought but no more. That night, she knew she had discovered the secret to her flow as she realized that the building could have come crashing down around her and she would have been just as oblivious.

Since then, she has been attending workshops with artist Robin Rosenthal, Corey Pitkin, Takeyce Walter, Joan Lord and Vincent Crotty to hone her skills.

Maria experiences an intense joy that when she discovers the effect of light in new and unexpected variations on water as well as on other still life objects and fortunately for us, she performs an exemplary job of sharing it with all of us

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Thanks for visiting my website. Please feel free to contact me at art@mariatsai.com.